Refind Sugar/Raw Sugar
sugar products (listed below) meet standard specifications, which are based on market standards as well as requirements of high-end customers.  In particular, the production facilities are continuously improving food safety standards, the aim of which is to establish food grade standards at all facilities.

Already, two of three mills have food safety certifications. As a result, Future Comodity sugar has attracted a reputation for its high consistent quality coupled with efficient logistics management.

Future Comodity also sells molasses, currently produced as a by-product of sugar production.  There are no set standards for it - although pricing is on the basis of sucrose content.  Molasses is sold only to local entities, with about 98% used by distillers.

Very High Polarization (VHP) Sugar

Golden coloured, dry and free flowing sugar
Polarisation : Min 99.3 ºZ and Max 99.45
Moisture (%) : Max 0.12 (Bagged)
Colour (I.U) : 800-1300
Particle Size (mm) : Homogenous crystals, Grain Size: 0.60 - 0.85mm.

Refined Sugar

Granular crystal white sugar .
Polarisation : Min 99.9. ºZ
Moisture (%) : 0.04 Max
Colour (I.U) : 45 Max
Particle Size (mm) : Homogenous crystals, Mean Aperture: 0.6 - .085 mm.

Raw Sugar

Golden coloured  sugar
Polarisation : 98.7 - 99.0 ºZ
Moisture (%) : Max 0.15
Colour (I.U) : 2500 Max
Particle Size (mm) : Min 0.6
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